$696 / 1br - Portion of a Mansion (Wilmington, NC)

Market St., Wilmington, NC 28403

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Market St. near 20th St.

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1BR / 1Ba available now
rent period: monthly
Looking for an aligned roommate for the room affectionally entitled, The Tower.

The title references the room's large windows that provide a widescreen second story view of the neighboring national cemetery, the happenings of Market street, and the large ancient trees that absorb traffic sounds, and provide partial shade for the epic rising sun morning views, and also seem to protect the home in all kinds of mystical ways.

The Tower can come furnished with king-size bed and comfy bedding, dresser, bookshelf, cedar chest, armoire, big ol' desk and normal sized desk chair, incredible sounding stereo, dimmer lamp, and a large ceiling fan with remote control light dimmer.

The room is part of a three bed room unit of a large, historical, over a century year old, mansion sized home that is divided into 5 units. Meaning, this is a private room that shares a kitchen and bathroom with two other roommates. This is also a transitional period, so it's other occupants are to-be-determined at this time.

Amenities for the shared areas include...
Clothes washer and dryer.
Central heater and air.
The shared bathroom features a big ol' porcelain tub and sink, and a shower head that feels great.
The shared kitchen connects to a flat back roof that's great for laying down a blanket and getting some mid day sun, having a convenient-to-the-kitchen picnic, or a sweet sunset hangout.
The front entrance is a sheltered brick patio/porch that has a large dinning table, great for sharing meals and all sorts of hang out situations.
There's a tiny garden that provides lettuces, strawberries, mint, and one day, figs.
My bike can be utilized when I'm not utilizing it.

Amenities for the area include…
A neighborhood that features plenty of epic trees, historic homes filled with neighbors that will most likely tell you interesting things if you greet them proper.
Its two blocks away from Wallace Park, Port City Java, Burnt Mill Creek (the Bar and the actual creek. Pro tip: a great hike can be had by walking north along Burnt Mill Creek, the creek.)
A short walk, or shorter bike ride to all the tasty restuarants, and liveliness of the Soda Pop and Cargo districts.
It's a 5 minute car ride to downtown, a 10-ish minute bike ride, or a 30 minute walk.
A 20 minute car ride to Wrightsville Beach, or an hour bike ride.
A 30-ish minute car ride to Carolina Beach, or hour and a half-ish bike ride.
And 2 blocks away from a bus stop that can take you to all those places.
There's ample street parking at the mansion and some driveway parking, which is 1st come 1st serve.

Rental lease agreements can be negotiated for a year or less.
It's possible to stay longer than a year. The year would be for all parties to assess whether the living collaboration should continue.

Asking price is $696 a month.

It's possible shorter term rental can be inquired.
Asking price for this could be $296 a week.
Or $90 a night.

If you're interested in this space please reply to this ad with the info…
Who you are?
How long are you looking to live here?
What do you do for a living?
What are your passions?
Do you come with pets, partners, kids, habits?
What do you want the people you share space with to know about you?
Feel free to share your ideal living situation, and a picture of your self so we know you're a real person.

Because this three bedroom portion of a mansion is a community, albeit a small one, we like to adhere to these agreements, so please make sure you agree with these agreements before replying...

I agree to hold our living space sacred.
I agree to collaborate in the co-creation of a nourishing home environment for all plant, animal, human beings in residence.
I agree to take responsibility for the plant, animal, and human beings I invite into this space, considering their actions to be an extension of the self, therefore making right any trespass on another.
I agree to gain consent from other house mates before inviting animal friends and/or human friends into longer-term stay.
I agree that any guest staying most nights of the week should be considered a longer-term stay and should have the consent of other residents, and be contributing to bills and these agreements.

I agree to take responsibility for all belongings I bring into the space, to properly dispose of expired food items, and to remove all my items when my time in the space is complete, save for items left behind with resident consent.
I agree to keep my belongings in my personal space, except for the items that can be utilizable either in function or in beauty for the greater good of the common areas.
I agree to keep common space surfaces like counters and tables clear as to invite creation/collaboration of tasty foods, connection, art, business ventures, ideas for creating paradise, who knows what can be created when space for creation is created.

I agree to take out the trash/recycle/compost when I notice the bin is full.
I agree to clean and put away all dishes, and wipe clean all utilized surfaces every time I use the kitchen, as common practice.
I agree to clean the common areas once a month. This includes wiping surfaces and sweeping floors of the living room, laundry room, hallway, steps and porch. The kitchen and bathroom get special mopping attention and oven/fridge, sink, bathtub, toilet cleanings.
I agree to being held accountable in my cleaning contribution by documenting it on the white board on the fridge. I agree the other residents may add check marks to my documentation to show acknowledgment that what is listed as being cleaned has been cleaned. A bonus tactic could be that everyone chooses their own, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th week of the month to do their cleaning, ensuring proper spacing between cleanings.

Audio and Thought Space-
I agree to receive consent to emit sound from electronic devices in common spaces.
I agree to use headphones or closing the door of my personal space as options to not disrupt others thoughts and audio space.
I agree to concede if my behavior is disrupting another residence.
I agree to concede to agreed upon quiet times.

I agree to keep in mind the changing of air filters every season. The last filter change was in May, 2023.
I agree to keep ventilation in mind when taking hot showers as a means of warding off deadly black mold, utilizing tactics of turning on the light/fan, opening the window, or leaving the bathroom door in the not-all-the-way-closed position are all good tactics, bonus points for all three.

I agree to turn off all electrical items, including ceiling fans and lights, and unplugging chargers when not using them in respect for saving each another's money energies from going toward un-enjoyed electricity usage.
I agree to consolidate laundry loads as means of energy conservation, when possible.
I agree to communicate about thermostat settings to find satisfaction in comfortable climate tastes vs keeping energy costs low.

I agree to pay rent at the beginning of the month, or to directly communicate if there is issue.
I agree to pay my share of power and internet bills or to directly communicate if there is issue.

Moving out-
I agree to provide at least one month notice before moving out and even more, if I can.

I agree to meet with other residents in honest communication. I agree to be impeccable with my word. I agree to not make assumptions. I agree to not take things personally. I agree to do my best to practice these agreements.

Thanks for your consideration.

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