Fargen VOS Custom Shop amp - $1,200 (Southport)

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condition: excellent
make / manufacturer: Fargen
model name / number: VOS
This is an amazing Custom Ordered Handwired Fargen Custom Shop Velvet Overdrive Special w/tube buffered effects loop and fat switch. 2xEL34's, Tube rectified ......this amp has a MOJO all its own......great all tube grind but still very articulate and lots of top end chime.......-Class A/B-Cathode Biased, so that it can be reconfigured to take a variety of tubes-Tube rectifier-On-board reverb-Compact head size and light weight.


This amp follows a very simple philosophy, its all about providing the richest, purest overdriven tone possible. The way it goes about it is thru using a very pure, all-tube circuit. The idea that when it comes to great tone, less is more. None of those tone-sucking 'extras' that so often compromise the tone of other amps. Its a one-channel design (as most truly great traditional amps are) with 2 inputs, hi and low. You can tweak out this channel to suit a variety of applications, and all without compromising pure tone.

Power cord and Tuki cover included. Not really looking for trades and low ball offers ignored.

The VOS applies the Master Volume approach, which when done right (such as in this amp) can provide a huge amount of great overdriven sounds at different volumes (yes, this does mean that you can get a great tone even at conversation levels and you won't be evicted from your apartment). The trick is to understand the relationship between the Volume and Master Volume controls. With the Volume on low and the Master Volume high you can get nice, full cleans. Adding in more of the Volume control brings in progressive amounts of overdrive. You can then lower the Master Volume to fit the proper desired overall volume level. There are a number of sweet spots in the interaction of these two knobs allowing you everything from slight breakup to screaming overdrives, and going up into some pretty serious high gain territory.

The tone controls on the amp are straight forward, with bass, mid and treble. The treble control plays the greatest part in the amp's tone shaping. With the treble lowered the amp has nice, smooth, jazz/fusion overdrives. Adding in the treble gives the amp both more bite and more crunch, never sounding thin and brittle.Another important aspect of the amp's tone is its tube rectifier. The rectifier design effects the 'punch' of an amp, the harshness or softness with which the notes are delivered. Many amps with solid state rectifiers have a very heavy and tight punch, but lack warmth and 'bloom' of a tube rectifier, resulting in harsh feel. On the other hand many amps with a tube rectifier have a lot of 'sag' (very common in many vintage amps_ which makes them sound very warm and pretty, but lacking in punch. The overall result can be described as 'mushy'. With the Fargen you get the best of both worlds, a tube rectifier without too much sag! Thus the amp is warm with plenty of punch, and never harsh!

The VOS's onboard reverb is excellent because it is very subtle, very musical and very useful. A nice change from most amp reverbs which seem to be way too little or way too much. The VOS's reverb gives you a great 3D spatial sound without being overwhelming.

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