All the Black "Truths" (werd dog terd)


I know the truth hurts, but maybe you should do some research yourself before you come on here rambling about how blacks are anything BUT a societal scourge.

You see, society goes by averages. Whats the average black IQ? drop out rate? graduation rate? and of the 15% that do graduate college, how relevant are their majors (hint: NOT at all relevant to the word)? Average incarceration rate? average amount in poverty? average on government assistance? why are they 12% of the population but 50% of those receiving government assistance? Do the math without the emotion and bias and its more than clear. They contribute NOTHING worthwhile to society and only survive because of handouts from other races. Disagree? You're one or biased.

How are those girls in Nigeria doing? How about in the Congo? How about in Somalia? Lebanon?The fictional strip of land you probably call "palestine" but realists know its just ex cons, nomads and the lowest of the low...and HOLY FUCK, what kind of piece of shit are you to be considered the lowest in the middle east?

The worst virus in the history of the world is the modern day scourge known as african-Americans. I really can't think of or find history of a more worthless, villainous, bottom feeding group of sub humans (except of course for the moving target shitstains surrounding Israel).

THEY are the problem in the United States...barely leading the illegals.
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